May 25, 2008


I few months ago, I wrote a simple commandline utility demonstrating how to use the WiiRemote Framework to connect to the Wii controller and capture events. Inspired and enabled by the darwiin-remote project. I just wanted something simpler to use as a starting point for my own projects.

This code is written using (and includes) the svn repository WiiRemote Framework 0.6 code.

Output is sent to stdout for all wii remote messages. Output to stderr for all other "informative" messages. This allows for easy use of unix pipes.

How to:

Build using xcode. Open a Terminal, type (without quotes)
  cd [where you put wii2stdout]
then follow the instructions. When the wii remote is connected, you will see lots of accelerator events.

Press the "home" button to exit wii2stdout cleanly.

If you use it, drop me a line & let me know. Grab the code here:


Patryk said...


Brilliant! So easy to compile, really nice job.

(I did something like this for my Wii strum app by altering DarwiinRemote code and inserting printfs, but it was not very pleasant. What you've done here is way cooler.)

I'll put something together using this when I get a bit of free time...


Conor said...


Ur code is clean and easy to understand. I am planning on using it as the basis for a control system for a medical visualisation. Pitty I am really only just getting started on Objective C and coding on a mac. Any pointers?

Good Work

Roger Allen said...

Thanks Conor,

Glad you like the code.

I don't have any better advice about ObjC or Mac programming than google. I'm not much of a Mac developer--I know just enough to be dangerous.

Personally, I have the O'Reilly Obj-C Pocket Guide and an old "Develop Mac Applications" book from them. The rest came from reading the web and the Apple developer mailing lists.

Conor said...

Thanks for the advice

Now off i go to do some damage of my own