October 14, 2005

Mac DVD to iPod tutorial

Well isn't this a nicely done tutorial? I didn't even realize there was a GPL dvd ripper for the Mac and here's a tutorial on how to transcode a DVD to the new video ipod. AFAIK, this is completely legal and legitimate action when you own the DVD.

The programs used are:


October 08, 2005

tip: windows explorer view

I found this when I finally decided to bother to search for it. I wanted to always have the explorer folder view active in windows. As with most things Windows, it is something that makes little intuitive sense until it is explained. Gee, why couldn't this be part of the attributes that are saved with a normal "make these settings apply to all folders". Nah, that would make too much sense.

Open a folder,
then go to View, Explorer Bar, Folders (or hold down Alt and type V,E,O) for short. To make it permanent, open My Computer and go to Tools, Folder Options, File Types and find the folder icon next to (none) and Folder. Click it, go to Advanced click Explore, then Set Default.

October 02, 2005


TGFG = Thank Goodness For Google.

Here is another reminder that no computer is truly "user friendly", not even the Mac.

My daughter couldn't login to the iMac anymore. The darn thing just hung up and didn't move. I'm lucky that I know how to ssh and ps -aux from another computer so that I could see that it was hung up on this process: /System/Library/LoginPlugins/MCX.loginPlugin/Contents/MacOS/MCXAppItems -u My Applications.

Plugging "MCXAppItems hang" into google found this hint, which worked for me.